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Boiler Repairs, Installation & Servicing in Eastbourne & Hailsham

We are a Worcester Accredited Installer, so we only install the best boilers on the market.

All the Greenstar boilers we install come with a FREE 7 YEAR GUARANTEE, but with the addition of the Worcester Magnetic Filter (The Filter is designed to help maintain a clean system water, which will help maximise the life of the boiler) we can extend that to 8 YEARS.

All the boilers we install are A Rated to give you the best possible energy efficiency to help reduce your fuel bills – Older, less efficient, non-condensing boilers will keep your bills higher.


We will arrange an appointment for an Engineer to visit your property and who will talk through your options with you and explain how we can achieve what you are looking for.

This is the time to consider if you would like to move your boiler into the loft to create more space in your kitchen, or maybe have a compact boiler which will fit into a kitchen cupboard. These options are occasionally not possible, but if this is the case, we will explain why and sometimes we are able to offer you a better or cheaper alternative to what you were considering, however, your best interests will always be paramount to us.

Boilers that are over eight years old waste a lot of valuable energy, energy that you have paid for, changing your boiler to a modern Condensing Boiler will improve the efficiency to over 90%, so you could save a minimum of 30% on your heating bills. Modern boilers work easily with your existing central heating system but coupled with underfloor heating it is even more effective at heating your home.

Over time we have received calls from people saying that they’ve had an Engineer quote for a new boiler who said that it is only possible to fit a Combination Boiler in their property, but they wanted a Conventional Boiler with stored hot water and have asked us for a second opinion.

Most of the time we are able to provide what our clients request.  The reason some Engineers are only able to install a Combination Boiler is because they have been trained on short term Gas courses rather than the three to four year courses and trained by a more experienced engineer.  There is nothing wrong with the service they are providing, but because we have the experience and ability to fit the type of system we have been asked to, we are able to fulfil the wishes of said clients.

We don’t give boiler quotations over the phone without first seeing the boiler and carrying out the necessary assessments because that could lead to us giving you incorrect information, and maybe not charging the right amount for the works and thereby needing to add to the cost of the works at a later date.

We will ALWAYS visit to be able to fully discuss your needs.

We provide a FREE quotation service.

We take care of your home, put down protection on your floors and always clean up after ourselves.

Once the installation is complete, we will fully explain to you how to use the system.

We will register your new installation with Gas Safe and Worcester Bosch and let you know the latest timescales in which you can expect your certificates to arrive. If they don’t arrive within that time, we will chase them and let you know the new date for paperwork. We are there for you every step of the way.

About two weeks before each anniversary of installing your boiler, we will call you to organise to service the boiler (this is to maintain the Guarantee on the boiler) and also the best way to keep your boiler working at its most efficient and to ensure there are no obvious problems with it.