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Commercial Plumbing in Eastbourne & Hailsham (LPG)

We at Hawkstown Heating have a growing portfolio of commercial customers ranging from Restaurants to Hotels and from Schools to Doctors Surgeries and from Blocks of Flats to Office Blocks.

We are qualified and insured up to £5M to install, Repair and Maintain Commercial properties in the following areas:

Commercial Catering Fat and Pressure Fryers
Commercial Catering Pressure/Expansion Boilers
Commercial Catering Range Cookers

First Fix commercial Pipework

Air Heating:
Indirect Fired Heating Appliances

Water CH:
Indirect Fired Heating Appliances

Pipework Commissioning:
Non Domestic Testing & Purging up to and over 1m³ (TPCP1)

Our works in the past have included Gas Mains into Commercial Kitchens and Water Mains into Blocks of Flats, replacing a boiler in a block of Offices, replacing a boiler in a hotel and replacing a boiler in a Childrens Nursery (we are CRB checked under the Buy With Confidence Scheme)

“We have worked with Hawkstown Heating since 2011 and have a very good working relationship with them.
We find them to be accommodating, co-operative & honest and would definitely recommend them.”

Thank you Caxtons Commercial Ltd