Did you know that if you leave the casing off your boiler, you are leaving yourself open to the potential of CO Poisoning?

Following on from Monday’s article ‘Potential Christmas Heating Problems’ while reading the trade magazines I have seen an article titled ‘Family of five suffer CO Poisoning’.

Following an investigation, a Health and Safety Executive stated ‘This case demonstrates that where gas safety testing is not undertaken, tenants can be exposed to the products of combustion, including CO, which in the most serious cases can result in death’.

This is the story of the tenants:

The tenants returned home and turned on the heating. The casing for the boiler was not in place as it had been removed to re-light the boiler as the ignition button was not working.

The tenants were not aware of the risks created by leaving the casing off.

Later that evening five residents fell ill and were taken to hospital with CO poisoning.

This story and many like it show just how important it is that domestic landlords understand and more importantly meet their legal obligations to make sure that the gas appliances in their tenanted properties are serviced and checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer annually for safety.

When we service a boiler or carry out a gas safety inspection, we record this information and give you a call a couple of weeks before the anniversary the following year and ask if you would like us to do the same work again this year. There is no obligation, but it means that you don’t need to worry about ensuring that your safety checks are carried out annually, keeping you on the right side of the law.