man-installing-smoke-carbon-monoxide-detector-installsOver the Christmas period we all spend a lot of time together and often in ours or a friend of family member’s house. We have the TV and/or the radio playing, we also put on the fire, the boiler and the oven/hob. We also often have the windows closed to keep us all warm and snug.

Reading this, as a family, we see a lovely family Christmas, as a heating company, we see the potential for problems.

With all those appliances running, which are gas? The boiler The oven/hob? The fire? Have you considered servicing them? Do you have a CO Alarm

We all prepare for Christmas by wrapping our presents and buying chocolates and lots of good food and drink, but have you thought to add a gas appliance service?

We still have a few appointments left before Christmas if you would like us to test your appliances, or at the very least, get a CO Alarm (although an alarm is not a substitute for maintaining and regularly servicing household appliances, it’s a way to know if there are any problems) and call us in the New Year to check your appliances. You may then not have family over, but you will still be living in your property.

In case you don’t have your appliances tested and do have any problems, please read the link HERE from the NHS website.