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We are also Oftec Registered

Whether it is a service, repair or replacement of your Oil boiler, we will quote and, if accepted, carry out a professional service leaving you with the peace of mind that a professional company are looking after you and your heating.

Did you know?

We understand that fuel storage is not the most exciting topic, so it’s not surprising that your tank is often the most neglected part of your oil heating system.  Oftec has joined forces with the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) to produce a new tank safe video, aimed at helping you to understand your repsonsibilites as a tank owner and to give you the information you need to know when to have your tank checked, and, if necessary, replaced.

Leaks from heating oil tanks are mercifully rare, but their reliability can easily lead to complacency. Like all heating products a tank will not last forever and they are typically designed to last around 20 years. Single skinned plastic tanks are the most likely to fail and it’s important to take action before a leak occurs, because even a small spill can prove costly and have serious impacts on the environment. The tank safe video explains that the best way to avoid problems is to have the tank checked regularly by an OFTEC registered technician as part of an annual service. It also describes some simple checks homeowners can do and the warning signs they should look out for.

We realise that homeowners will be reluctant to spend out on a new tank, but installing one before a problem occurs is clearly preferable to dealing with the difficulties and cost associated with a major leak. With the oil price still low, we hope that homeowners will feel a new tank is a worthwhile investment. Regular checks also have other benefits, such as preventing the build-up of sludge or water, which can both affect system reliability and performance.