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Underfloor Heating in Hailsham, Eastbourne & East Sussex

Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly across a room at lower levels where you want it whereas traditional radiators tend to heat the air at the top of a room first, it can also add value to your property.

Interesting Fact : Underfloor Heating eliminates dust mites and solves the problem of cleaning those hard to reach places behind the radiator and between the panels.

Through surveys carried out we now that the main home improvements most people would like is to have Underfloor Heating installed. Why? Because of convenience, practicality, comfort, energy efficiency and ease of control.

Think about getting up on a cold morning and walking into your kitchen, now imagine that feeling of walking bare foot on a warm floor – we can put in both electric and wet underfloor heating systems.

Total freedom on how you design your room is another great benefit, you don’t have to worry that there’s a radiator sitting exactly where your new TV would create the perfect viewing angle and you can move your room around as often as you like with no restrictions. Perfect for those rooms with restrictive skeelings!

The air warms evenly from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, just like your floor is a very large surface radiator and if you have it in the utility, you finally have somewhere to leave those wet shoes and boots ready for your next outing in the rain.

If you have pets, regularly drying their towels can be a real nuisance – lay the towels on the heated floor overnight and the next morning they will be lovely and dry.

If you’re looking to update your home to include a new heating system, this may be the time to look into Underfloor Heating, although anytime is a good time to gain control, a survey by the Nationwide Building Society found a lack of central heating knocks an average 9% off a property’s value.

Most German and Scandinavian homes have Underfloor Heating and homeowners in the UK are no longer looking at it as a luxury product, prices have reduced meaning that more of us can afford to have it installed.

If you’re thinking of having someone in to quote for a new Central Heating system, it may be worth getting a quote for Underfloor Heating at the same time and seeing which best suits your needs. Your Engineer will usually be more than happy to discuss the benefits and costs of each system.

An underfloor heating system might be a bit more expensive to purchase compared to a traditional radiator system, but the running cost is lower and the comfort levels are much higher. Underfloor Heating is a great Summer project, then you’ll be ready when the cold weather hits.